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Vaga – Business Sourcing & Procurement – Investment

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Business Sourcing & Procurement – Investment

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. DESCRIÇÃO DA VAGA . ** MANDATORIO para se candidataré necessário  caso tenha interesse nesta vaga: (1) Preencher um breve formulário (neste link: e; (2) Após isto envie seu CV para a Jacqueline Maia ( com Assunto no email dizendo:  Application Sourcing & Procurement | Your Name  ** . Nosso cliente:  .. Founded in 1987, our client is a consulting firm focused exclusively on strategic sourcing and procurement. Led by a group of some of the world’s top former consulting firm executives, including the likes of A.T. Kearney, Bain -Booz & Co, BCG, Ernst & Young, KPMG, the company is privately held and has been growing at a rapid pace ever since its creation. Around 70% of the firm’s clients are in the Private Equity and Bank industry, where it has developed something of a repute for its skill to improve valuations. The remaining of the company’s customers meanwhile, are less easy to classify: they are comprised of everything from mid-sized to large organizations, across a wide range of industries. Those industries include everything from retail, medical supplies, manufacturing to financial services, commercial services and automotive industry. What do they do in Brazil? Its client base is incredibly diverse, its “core skills are ‘portable’ across industry lines, meaning that clients tend to have similar needs when engaging the firm-the need to improve their sourcing and procurement performance, whether by cutting costs, seeking guidance in a new area, or building the expertise in the first place. A typical project will see the firm involved in transforming a company’s cost optimization and procurement-related programs. The firm works on such projects from development to execution, often on a global basis. . Descrição do Cargo: Our client is seeking a senior seasoned Executive to manage its Sourcing & Procurement Solutions unit, a centralized sourcing department that has the mission to leverage the company’s purchasing power to ensure that the highest quality of goods and services are available at the most cost effective price.  Our client has a goal to build and optimize relationships with selected suppliers on behalf of the corporation. The overall goals of strategic sourcing is to achieve large and sustainable cost reductions, long-term supply stability and minimization of supply risk. The strategies to achieve such goals can be as wide as rationalizing supplier base, leveraging spending across departments, business units and geographical regions, reconfiguring supply specifications, and / or developing strategic partnerships / alliances with selected suppliers. . Esta posição é baseada na Grande São Paulo. .. Desired Skills & Experience .. Able to organize and execute negotiations following the established Strategic Sourcing methodology Academic background from top schools in Brazil such as FGV (preferable). Able to coordinate Strategic Sourcing initiatives that consider all business drivers and their impact on operations, customers, and competitors Experience on tracking cost savings, spending compliance and variances, and setting reports for senior management Experience on identifying and leading efforts with a wide range of departments to reduce cycle times, improve customer service and total costs reduction Ability to create and implement balanced supplier selection metrics that goes beyond purchase price. Language knowledge: English, Spanish (desirable), Portuguese (native). .

*** IMPORTANT: Interested Candidates MUST  fill up basic information about you on this link: (it takes only 60 seconds). After doing this please send your Resume to Jacqueline Maia ( with Subject stating  Application Sourcing & Procurement | Your Name” ***