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Vaga de Logistics Director – Consulting Company

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Logistics Director

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Job Description


** MANDATORIOé necessário preencher um breve formulário (neste link: caso tenha interesse nesta vaga – Há mais detalhes abaixo de como se candidatar. **


We are looking for a Senior professional able to assume a strategic role in the project acting as Logistics and Supply Chain Director. He/She will provide leadership as the Logistics specialist to our consulting team, developing strategies to consolidate Performance Improvement business in Brazil as well as maintain a positive working relationships with clients and works effectively with client management and staff at all levels to gather and analyze information in order to implement changes. Responsibilities will include hands-on lead position of developing and implementing solutions to high complex problems and establish and maintain strong relationships with the main stakeholders so as to identify their needs and seek full range of business solutions.  He/She will also evaluate and review the client’s logistics operations business practices to develop solutions and eliminate non-value added activities, partner with Key stakeholders including manufacturing, sourcing, commercial teams and outside suppliers to drive continuous performance improvement.  The ideal candidate is expected to prepare, analyze, manage, and recommend proven processes to reduce time in transit, improve cost per delivery, increase percent of utilization, and improve customer satisfaction. Optimize P&L (revenue, cost), balance sheet (inventory), cash flow objectives and customer metrics (on time shipment, on time delivery) closely working with sales and operational teams. Establish key performance metrics and benchmarks relating to supply chain planning, materials management and customer service functions. Maintaining and developing relationships with current, new and potential service providers. Provide recommendations to clients for improving processes and work within established guidelines for implementing agreed upon changes. Assist company leaders in identifying and pursuing market opportunities. Manage, orient, coach and evaluate the staff in order to give the necessary support and to guide the employee towards optimum performance and self-development. Build own network of contacts/referral sources with clients/professionals/institutions.

Company Description

Our customer is a leading Global Consulting firm which plays an important role to advise business critical management processes (building capabilities, operating models, driving sustainable impact in organizational complexity, shared services and people management). Their structure approach to management processes provide better decisions, more productive meetings and efficient execution. They work with clients to develop tailored management practices and guild the skills to enduring strong results. Their strategic and cross-functional approach helps clients unlock value beyond cost containment measures within a specific area of the organization. In fact, their experience addressing operating problems at the nodes – the points where business units, functions, geographies, and layers of management intersect and have to make and execute critical decisions – creates between three to four times as much value as traditional approaches to right-sizing and functional excellence. With deep industry and functional expertise our client help companies achieve their full potential in a number of ways, working across the organization (integrated solutions) or within specific areas of performance (point solutions). Not working with standard industry answers, this company believes that solution yield the greatest competitive advantage and value to their clients. The company offer a challenging and cooperative environment with enormous opportunity for development in a global company.


The position is based in Sao Paulo immediate surrounding area.

Desired Skills & Experience

  • Brazilian Native, English mandatory, Spanish a plus
  • Graduated from top MBA school in Brazil: FGV (preferable)
  • Executives with solid experience in a Logistics and Supply Chain field developed in large corporations recognized as best in class with proven history of fast career progression.
  • Strong knowledge of material forecasting, capacity planning and sourcing, master scheduling, inventory control and financial costing, purchasing, logistics, warehousing and inventory management.
  • In-depth knowledge of planning, supply chain, fulfillment, logistics systems and best practices, combining with in-depth understanding of S&OP processes and logistics outsourcing.
  • Ability to do quick assessments to understand client operations, processes and business objectives.
  • Effective project management, negotiation, contract management and interpersonal communication skills.
  • Effective collaboration in cross-functional teams
  • Focus on continuous improvement and optimization of operating performance.
  • Strong analytical and problem solving skills.
  • Experience in leading teams.
  • Influencing skills and the ability to manage and effectively solve complex issues
  • Ability to meet multiple deadlines while maintaining the highest standards of completeness and accuracy.
  • Fluent in Portuguese and English.
  • Availability to travel.
  • Post graduate course is desirable.


*** IMPORTANTE: Candidatos interessados PRECISAM submeter o CV no formato WORD ou PDF via o anúncio original da vaga no LINKEDIN: (Devido a um processo interno nosso, estamos dando prioridade aos CV’s enviados via o mecanismo do LINKEDIN). Adicionalmente por favor certifique-se de preencher este link:  (leva apenas 60 segundos de seu tempo). ***

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