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General Manager

a Science, Engineering and Technology Organization

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Job Description

The General Manager (GM) reports to the worldwide Business Development Director and will be responsible for the Brazilian territory. He/she will provide leadership and coordination among the various parties involved in the implementation of the Technology operations start up as per the Business Plan. Once the start up is operational, the GM will be responsible for the management of the various activities of the Center.  The GM will interact with a variety of people and entities, ensuring a smooth and seamless interaction of all parties involved. Once the startup is fully operational, the GM will also provide marketing and market intelligence support to entities involved as further described at Responsabilities item described below .

Our customer are the front face of products we rely on every day, from medical devices to industrial controls and even the cars we drive. A broadly diversified in the business of manufacturing electronics and providing services to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of telecommunication equipment, computers and related products for business enterprises, video/audio/entertainment products, industrial control equipment, testing and instrumentation products for over 40 years. Our client serves internationally from their manufacturing and graphic production facility based in Europe. In 2012, a division in Brazil has been launched to serve customer needs.

The position is based in Sao Paulo immediate surrounding area.

Desired Skills & Experience

  • Brazilian Native, English mandatory, Spanish a plus
  • Brazilian and American bi-cultural background
  • College degree in Manufacturing Engineering and/or Marketing Graduated from top MBA school in Brazil: FGV (preferable)
  • Experience in marketing and sales of industrial capital equipment
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills
  • Ability to resolve conflicts between people and their individual cultures
  • Ability to access and meet with high-level executives and decision makers in the industry, government, commerce, etc.
  • Have a positive, proactive, and can-do-it attitude
  • Highly ethical and completely trustworthy
  • Self-motivated and can work with no supervision
  • Objectives-driven personality
  • Willing to travel 40-50% of the time
  • Demonstrated ability and willingness to operate daily without staff to carry out all required functions


Internal & Administrative:

  • Providing an environment at the company members conducive for the participants to be successful in their businesses
  • Ensuring that the company demonstrates the highest standards of professionalism and business readiness
  • Coordinating the use of the resources of the company in an impartial fashion without showing favoritism to one party over the other
  • Allocating the proper facilities to each participating member in an organized and orderly fashion
  • Promoting the Company throughout Brazil to customers; trade associations; private and public institutions; universities and technical schools; Brazil municipal, state and federal government officials; and the local community in general
  • Manage the various programs supported by the Company, including the “proxy-hiring” process, ad-hoc service capabilities, human resources functions, etc.
  • Enforcing the rules and regulations of company members’ usage of the services
  • Monitoring the expenses of the Center adhering strictly to the budget


  • Maintain records, monitor and follow-up all contacts with member companies.
  • Provide detailed and timely reports of contacts with members, outlining recommended course of action that address their individual needs.
  • Maintain good relationships with other trade associations related to our business in the territory (particularly ABIMAQ), gather pertinent information and report it to the company.
  • Provide support to all our initiatives in the territory, like trade shows, board of directors’ missions, trade missions, technical seminars, etc.
  • Representing and monitoring the interests of the Brazilian manufacturing technology industry
  • Maintain good relationships with local government officials, creating goodwill towards our industry and member companies.
  • Maintain good relationship with Brazil government representatives, seeking cooperation and exchange of information that benefits members.
  • Promote the industry by participating and making presentations at industry-related events.
  • Manage the web site in order that it is kept updated and interesting, providing information of interest to users in the territory.
  • Issue budget and corresponding expenses reports on office activities.

Marketing Intelligence:

  • Clear and detailed monitoring of potential sales opportunities, including name of companies, contacts, etc.
  • Detailed monitoring of new projects and new investments specifically involving needs of manufacturing technology equipment.
  • Continuous follow-up of the activity of key companies, their plans and communication of an early alert of their potential new business. This involves periodic visits to their facilities and development of good relationships with their executives.
  • Continuous monitoring of key market segments, like automotive/auto parts, appliances, aircraft, computers, agricultural equipment, etc.,
  • Make recommendations to members on process specific opportunities identified in visits to key user/customer plants.
  • Keep close contacts with local distributors/agents and constantly monitor their capabilities, reporting to members about changes of the representatives’ profiles. Keep an updated database with this information.
  • Search and keep close contact with service companies, capable of providing after sales services to member companies including equipment installation, customer training, systems integration, turn-key contracting, retrofitting, repair, upgrading, rebuilding, etc.  Keep an updated database with this information.
  • Monitor and report continuously about competitors’ activities and their apparent strategies.
  • Monitor and report continuously on activities of local manufacturing technology equipment manufacturers.
  • Monitor and report continuously about companies that are interested in becoming “partners” of member companies in a strategic alliance.
  • Monitor and report status and changes of import regulations or any other form of barriers/opportunities to the member activities in the territory.
  • Give complete and detailed assistance to member companies who are visiting the territory for business purposes, ensuring the success and value of these visits.
  • Recommend, develop and implement promotional programs that foster business opportunities for company members.
  • Provide periodical reports that assist members in better understanding local customs, business practices and other logistics issues.


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