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Area de Recrutamento In-Sight trabalha sob o método de Retainter Executive Search. O que é isto? qual a definição?

Retainer/Executive Search

Under this approach, we put together a Project Team to focus on a clients critical needs which must be filled within a specific period of time. This team will commit the majority of their time to filling your position. A guarantee is extended to provide candidate exclusivity to the client. Under this plan we request that one third of the estimated fee be paid upon signing of the contract; the second third is paid upon presentation of the initial group of qualified candidates; and the last third is paid upon completion of the search or at the end of a specified time period.


Qual o outro método disponível no Brasil? (Método não trabalhado por nós)

Contingency Search

Under this approach, the fee is usually assessed as a percentage of a hired candidates first year compensation and is in accordance with standard market rates. The company is charged nothing unless you hire one presented candidate. The company is invoiced on the day the candidate accepts your offer of employment. The fee is due within 30 days of the candidates hire. This type of recruiting is sort of like playing the lottery for the search firm. They can search their database, make a few phone calls and submit some resumes to the client. Even though they are oftentimes competing with the client and other firms for the placement, they occasionally get lucky and “win” a R$50,000 fee after expending less than 20 hours of work. The client, on the other hand, feels that by giving the assignment to several firms, that they will get better coverage while only having to pay one fee. With a typical fee as high as 25 or 30% of base compensation, the client ends up paying the price of a retained search but is getting nowhere near the service.

Desvantagem do Contingency Search para a Empresa Contratante

    • The recruiting firm tends to search their database as opposed to searching the marketplace and proactively seeking out the superstars.  Since they never know if they are going to get paid a single penny for their efforts, the contingency firms simply can’t afford to engage heavily in the time-consuming task of networking and sourcing for the truly exceptional candidates
    • This approach simply does not promote teamwork between consultant and client.  The client continues to advertise the position and seek to generate candidates on their own while the outside consultant is quickly trying to get as many potential candidates in the door as possible.
    • This approach typically yields candidates who are actively looking to make a change and have circulated their resumes in the marketplace. The superstars; however, are oftentimes happily engaged with their current employers and are unlikely to appear on the radar screen of the typical contingency firm.
    • Normally, the search firm does not interview the candidate, does not write an assessment report, and only sends a resume to the client.
    • With “unscreened” resumes coming through the door, the client tends to waste the valuable time of many of their executives going through the laborious and costly task of bringing in a large number of candidates for multiple interviews.
    • Ultimately, the client gets tired of all of the above, becomes prone to compromise the quality of the executive to be hired and simply moves into the “let’s just get somebody hired” mode.
    • When a candidate finally gets hired, some lucky recruiter “wins the lottery” and gets paid way too much money for the work actually expended on any particular assignment.
    • Frequently, the client will pay as much or more for the contingency model than for the fixed-fee retained model presented next.

Desvantagem do Contingency Search para os Candidatos

    • A contingency recruiter works differently than a retained recruiter. A retained recruiter has direct access to the hiring manager. This is a benefit to you. With a contingency recruiter, however, there might be several different recruiters working to fill the same contingency position. Your ability to get in front of the company is contingent on the recruiter’s relationship with the hiring company.
    • Uma vez que a Empresa contratante não tem fidelidade com a empresa sob Contingency os candidatos tem a impressão que as empresas de Contingency tem muitas vagas. Porém, nem todas são fechadas: pois um mesmo contratante opta por lançar a vaga para muitas empresas sob Contingency, e/ou, não raramente, a empresa fecha a vaga sem nenhuma satisfação à empresa de Recrutamento,  uma vez que o fechamento de acordo sob Contingency em geral não é tão sério quanto sob  Retainer (não há pré-pagamentos envolvidos)